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Kitchen Remodeling in Fresno & Clovis, California

Kitchen remodeled with white cabinetry in Fresno, CA.

Let us create the kitchen of your dreams!

At J & J Quality Construction, we specialize in kitchen renovating and kitchen remodeling in Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, and Madera, California. As an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor we will ensure your project is done with precision and care. Whether you envision a modern sleek kitchen or a traditional cozy one, you can count on us to bring your vision to life.

Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. After all, you cook your meals here, host gatherings, and bake cookies for the neighbors so you need a kitchen that can meet all of these demands easily. A kitchen remodel or renovation is a great way to achieve this. Discover which kitchen upgrade is right for you.

Kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation entails keeping the same space as your current kitchen layout. Refinishing your current cabinets, selecting new prefabricated countertops and stylish fixtures will give your kitchen a modern look and create a lot of style at a reasonable cost. 

​Average cost starts at $25k

Timeline 4-6 weeks

Kitchen Remodeled with white cabinetry by J & J Quality Construction.

Mid-range kitchen remodel

A mid-range kitchen remodel will include replacing the kitchen cabinetry and every other element in the kitchen while the layout remains the same. There may be solid surface countertops, tile backsplash and higher end fixtures. 

​Average cost starts at $35k

Timeline 10-12 weeks

Kitchen renovated with tone tone grey and white cabinets in Sanger, CA.

High-end kitchen remodel

A high-end kitchen remodel usually involves modifying the layout to increase the space. Along with the elements from the mid-range kitchen remodel, there may be built-in appliances with custom panels to match the cabinetry, luxury finishes and fixtures.

​Average cost starts at $50k

Timeline 12-16 weeks

Kitchen remodeled to include  a large island in Fresno, CA.

The benefits of remodeling your kitchen

Investing in a kitchen remodel offers a multitude of benefits for homeowners.

  • Customized Storage Solutions: Custom kitchen cabinets will optimize space and organize your kitchen.

  • Improved Functionality: Whether you want to increase storage or a obtain a better layout, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to achieve this. 

  • Durable Products: There is an array of new products available that will last for years to come. 

  • Increased Property Value: Potential buyers are often drawn to updated kitchens, making it a worthwhile investment for future resale value.

Hire an experienced kitchen remodeling company

Real estate, building, and renovation surveys reveal that the one project likely to give you a significant return on the dollars invested is a kitchen renovation or a kitchen remodel. Getting the most from your investment starts with hiring an experienced remodeling company. With so many years of experience under our belt, we have honed our skills, perfecting the art of crafting the perfect kitchens for our clients. 

Did you know we make custom kitchen cabinetry?

Don't settle for less when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. We custom build kitchen cabinetry for your unique space. Visit our custom cabinets page to discover more about our custom cabinetry.

Kitchen Project Portfolios

Visit our portfolio page to see photos of recent kitchen remodeling and renovation projects. 

Contact us to get started on your kitchen remodeling project today!

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